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aMSN'S Wiki (Online documentation)

This is the aMSN Tiki-Wiki page.

Please Read THIS:

The wiki is a page that is built with the help of all developers and many volunteers. It can be edited "online". If you want to help us writing some documentation, subscribe to our amsn-devel mailing list, and ask for an account.

Of course, you can help the AMSN Project or get help in different ways. Take a look at HOW TO help and getting help:

HOW TO help and getting help


Here you can find some amsn's forums and user communities:

aMSN's official forum
Mac aMSN's Forum
Comunidad de usuarios de AMSN
SourceForge.net Forums


If you are finding tasks to do, please take a look at AMSN Groups and Tasks AMSN Groups and Tasks first

AMSN Team Members

0.95 has been released on Dec 25th
aMSN 0.95 on new website

Overall TODO list
DocumentationTODO - documentation that needs to be added
Pending Documentation Additions - documentation that needs to be organized, reviewed and moved to the correct location for future reference
PluginsTODO - List of plugins to be developed and future existing plugin features
Known Issues - Known issues and work arounds or help
Things to improve in our Web Page
aMSN integration in KDE and Gnome: ideas
Tracking of list queries and suggestions


If you add or modify a page which will need a translation, please leave a note here so we can keep track of the new translations needed. Thanks.

Danish - TODO list for Danish Wiki Translation
French - TODO list for French Wiki Translation
Spanish - TODO list for Spanish Wiki Translation


Documentation Guidelines - Read this before writing documentation

For Users

AMSN User Guide - The AMSN user guide and manual
Installation Instructions - Installation instructions for AMSN
Installing Plugins and Skins - How to install plugins and skins in AMSN
Frequently Asked Questions - AMSN FAQ
Discussions From The Mailling List - Some big emails importants to keep in mind
Japanese Input - A small guide for having Japanese input and reading working.
i18n Xft Patch - A patch to improve Xft and internationalization support in tcl/tk
XIM Imput - Guide and patches to get XIM and Traditional Chinese input working
AMSN Readme For MacOSX - AMSN Readme for Mac OS X french/english/spanish
Webcam In aMSN - Tips on how to get a webcam working in aMSN
aMSN user reviews and opinions - Reviews, screenshots, and opinions about aMSN

For AMSN developers

AMSN Internals Overview - A general overview of how amsn works
AMSN Modules dependencies - Graphical vision of modules dependencies
AMSN API - Namespaces, procedures and functions used in amsn code
Events - What events are there and what do they do
Screenshot Instructions - Instructions to follow when taking screenshots
Release Guide - Steps to take when releasing a new AMSN Version
Code Structure - The new code structure, how to deal with it
LangHowTo - HowTo translate aMSN
GUI Team Sandbox - Sandbox for Screenshots, Brainstorms, etc. for the aMSN GUI team
Workarounds - List of workarounds in upstream project aMSN uses

aMSN 2 details - Details on the aMSN 2 project.
Programming Language Pros And Cons - What are we going to use?

For MSN-Clients Developers

The MSN Protocol - About the The MSN Protocol
MSN Protocol Extensions - Proposed extensions to the MSN protocol

For plugin developers

Plugin Developer's Guide - Documentation about writing plugins.
Skin and plugin submitting guide - Describes how to submit skins and plugins

For skin designers

Creating AMSN skins - A guide to making skins for AMSN
Skin and plugin submitting guide - Describes how to submit skins and plugins

For webmasters

ForeverLinks - links that must stay up whatever happen ...

Version : Danish (incomplete)
Version : French (incomplete)
Version : Spanish (incomplete)

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